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You are lively

You are lively

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Mollah – Smriti

Hey students, their light of knowledge,
Hey student, hey jyoti,
You are the black of the ignorant.
The book was in the hands of the pen in the hand
Throw out what the protesters say,
All the makers * Mk forgotten loudly
Which sang the victory of victory.

Dreams fly in hopes of your
I do not want anything else
By your knowledge, you read the writing!
The elderly, that just wants to see,
You have given light, keeping the right path.
False ignorant
You are lively, light of knowledge at the sight.

Do not look towards extremism or anyone else
They’re calling you to get out
The waves of the wrong way around.
Dying in the fire of the drug addiction
You have to put it in the frame
Freshly dead body in the frozen way!
Whoever delivers his own way of falsehood
Income light, income ray knowledge development

I do not want to see you, I’m gonna tell you
I want you to know that light, when you see the light
Hassab is the mother-in-law, the world is on the horizon.
They will wake up in their conflict, laugh loudly
Your destruction is the dream of the mother, the fire of burning flames.
You’re lively, income returns and dream income disappears.


Hear the hours of death!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Mollah – Smriti

How much do I have to hasten your patience
Now the blood is empty, such as a lifeless body
In the hands of a fierce lion car ignorant driver, left in the left side of the road
Nimisi did not run away, but the rides daily day!
This way is terrible! Nobody knows whether it will return or not
How much I have done, I have your courage!

Do not forget to see the dead body of blood, priceless sacrificial life
Who will return the return of such a premature death?
If the death warrant warts in the independent chest will save!
Who has the courage to say that?
Say safe road, say, go and say
Just come back to your nerves, say it, say it

Roads like dead cars, ransoms,
Sucks, stops the body’s calmness, and is cruel.
Big fear! The big fear is!
Bus truck auto mini more how much the way of bangladesh
Look, look!
How much I have done, I have your courage!

Keeping the hands of the group close to the interests of the street rises
Wondering how tired the person wiped away!
Regardless of the rules, the guardian of the executioner does not care.
Jum calls the dreadful advance of the enemy – hour of death !!
When the nation will suffer the misery of the nation?
How much I have done, I have your courage!

Loss of blood wounds today in front of the forehead
The premature death of the life of Bangla is in the way of life
Bloody red-green islands- I’m scared
Hear the hours of death!
The road manger is coming to this – that will mean life!