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Why does not she

Why does not she come?

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

Oli-lane, here- there is the trap of average love!
Nowadays I see variations of love in various forms!
There is a twist around the camouflage
Our Ripu, wish, Bhasani
Far from far, takes us to Sudur and crosses the horizon …… ..

But there was a knock on the side, night, rose, jasmine – white robes forest.
Where are they? died ? What is she When?
The death of greed and lust, death of the desire!
So much of life was lost in the mobile, chess book.
What a young man! What a young girl! Middle-aged, old-aged same trap
Everyone is scared behind the miracle.

Today is no madness, no one’s death, not deceit
There is no defeat, no love trap.
O lovers, o lover,
Let the world of light leave the darkness of darkness
Sacrifice love, speak your own dream
Your gold was below the full moon light
On the day of the lost, you will mark the truth.

The best people, however, are holding mischief in the holy soul.
Where is the mark of truth? Why does not she come?

Think about this today\

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

You have to deal with that stupidness
Let’s see before
Take a loneliness. Your black
Before shine the light of its own lamp
You see, the other one is better
Why not fear after you?
Find out if he is in you!
Awakening in the light of the light is awful.
Make falsehood true
Is your life
This is the corner – he will win the beach, you will laugh, honor.
Do not do it any day why
Other disrespect.
Troubleshoot the greed of lust
Chinbenah she did not know after Chin
Are you in charge that stupid?
Think about this today.
It is not that he is the fire!