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– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

External white, dark black, white,
Mukti alone is not thinking of anyone sitting in Basu!

Laughing the lies, the true cry, – The King of life,
Mukti alone is not seen by anyone sitting today!

The right is zero, decent zero, the door of zero love
Drought river is Bosehadha, its zero light!

The cry of Arsh weeping, the dear my Prophet cried
Nobody understands the sahira everyone is shocked!

Where is the release of this man? Someone will say, brother!
Higher than zero, zero is zero-zero!

O Best, there is still, but there is still,
This cancellation cancellation is not only, but it is only momentary, just wrong.

When the time is gone, Nahi Rai,
Now be sure to live in the soul of the lord!

I’m frustrated, oh dear …
There is no friend anywhere in this horizon Periyah – O dear!

Yanafsi, yanafsi, zero fours,
Wherever you look, you will see the wailing.