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You are the winner – “Noman”

Some of the flowers are flowing out of flowers – Hmmm Noman
Even though you keep your father’s ideals in the golden paradigm
Do not be quick-tempered, today is a little o poet,
You have forgiven your grief in life struggle

There are countless expectations in your doorstep ..
As the blossom of the bloom of the brightness of the sun!
Lots of festivities laughing at the ostriches in the sea
You blossom just love the love of flowers.

By the way, obstacle in the way, but you are the winner-hello Noman
You are an example of the countless deprived dream!
Education is a lot of darkness, yet you are flying light
Just a little, I wanted to tell you-

Finding words and ornaments in search
Hannah Father, Eligible boy “Abu Noman” raided!
Education Scholarship, Mother’s Picture in Social Services.
I see that your self is hungry in another chest!

Many flowers in the garden, but the sky in the fixed sky
A little bit of scholarship, the teacher of the quest to find something.
You have a parallel parallel model of countless students
Enlightened gold birthland!


Today is La Boishakh 1
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
Aparajita you!
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
No reception anywhere
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
You are lively
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
Hear the hours of death!
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
Flower Cauli Today in flowering
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah
Honesty you
Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Mollah



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