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Sukanta Bhattacharya

Sukanta Bhattacharya is a believer in the Marxist style of Bangla literature and young poet of progressive consciousness. Father Nibaran Bhattacharya, mother-Sunita Devi.On August 15, 1926, Mother 43 was born at the house of Mahmud Halder Street. His ancestral home was in Faridpur district (presently at village Unshania of Kotalipara thana of Gopalganj district). In 1945, participating in the entrance examination failed.His formal education ended with the involvement of student movement and leftist politics.

In the second world war, for thirty-three, fascist aggression, communal riots, he used to pen. In 1944, he became a member of the Communist Party of India. In that year a compilation book, Akal, was published under his editorship. Sukant Communist Party’s magazine Dainik Swadhinata (1945) edited the ‘Kishore Sabha’ division. As a confident poet in the Marxist consciousness, Sukna has written a poem as a separate place in Bengali literature. Among his writings are the notable exceptions (1947), Forecasting (1950), Mithakhera (1951), Abhiyan (1953), Sleep No (1954), Hartal (1962), Gaitigulo (1965) etc. Subsequently, his writings were published in both the names of both Bengali and Sukanta. On behalf of Sukantha anti-fascist writer and author, edit a poem called Akal (1944).

Poetry was the key to Sukant’s literary pursuit The main subject of his poetry is the life struggle, suffering and protest of ordinary people. In his writings, the promise of a new generation of people with a message of hopes and hopes has been pronounced.Rabindra poster is a revolutionary concept of Bengali poetry, whose creative writings are rich, Sukant is one of them. His poetry’s rhythm, language, style is so relaxed, strong and perfect that, considering his age, this writing seems surprising and extraordinary. He died in Calcutta on May 13, 1947, due to incurable decay due to excessive labor in party and organization.

Favorite ninja “najmul”

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

In no far away call your honey chandrama
The orphan caught! Have had limits
Lovers lovers tune-eyed Birh-widower
Late laughter water comes to Maya!
You are going alone, you go on the other side, –
You’re treading me in the heart!
Awake awoke thirsty in memory, Aparna Betal
Ashkera crazy to make you fall!
The pain of pain is just painting
You’re out of vein suburbs – You’re a poet of affection.
You threw us in the chest thirsty
Quite frustration from the search!
I still see the presence of vibrations in the vibrations!
Mother’s lap in the affectionate love of the father.
The bond of love is anchored on the shore
The brother has kept in the museum “Nazmul”.
O human nature, this kind of life is a trivial desire,
Dreams of a two-day hope, astonishment, festivity,
Love dualism – jealousy, defeat,
Adar-Sohag-laughter- Kanna Saw Savings, –
This heaven is the ruin.
The heart is filled with the fierce wind, the thirsty thirsty thirsty!
If you have given your life to death in the destiny frame.
May the Lord bless you with eternal release!
Just how many memories of this kind of life awake
Bowshadera momentary well light darkness!
You fly today, you are ah!
The thirsty nest, urine thirst, – sighs of pain!
Crying style – heart rhyme – Fog of the misfortune!
Hello man, who knows? When will be omitted!
How old is it, how many elder people have to take
Dear Priya, you do not see your loved one.
Do not fear the beloved child “Nazmul”
In the same way, I-you- just Ridi Mahima.
I pray for freedom to come in the way of eternal life
Who is the caller who has the ball with the type?




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