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Strong truths should

Protests – Sukanta Bhattacharya

Strong truths should

Strong truths should be given the authentic price,
O homeland, I know that again.
Do not know anyone is shaking the earth
Grabged the falsehood of falsehood,
Anyone ever before earthquake?
Bundles in hand, suddenly all awake?
Those who are so liars today,
Today their hatreds are outraged.
History, know you silent witness,
We wanted the independent country of land,
Many are adversely, ears are pressed,
What is the original fake measurement?
Rebel mind! Do not obey today,
Dev love and pub kalaseer kana,
Dev, soul is in the racket of release,
Jean Dark, Jesus, in the squadron of the Socrates.
The fog is cutting, tomorrow is the day,
Kujhar washed, washed,
I’ll kill you in the enemy’s arms
The flame of freedom will blossom in the conflict.
History! There is no greed for immortality,
Let’s leave today today’s protest.

Love is crying!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

I will go through my love
Humanity, humans, Lord’s creations

Is love only poetry rhyme, poetry style?
Is love spontaneous, cruel inhuman?
Love is blood holi, life’s scream, death stage?

Love is just heaven touch!
There is a spontaneous feeling, he is also a sinner of Turkish,
He also has the irritation of hunger, there is some vision of receiving.

Today, as the only diversity, the power of power
Opens his fire extinguisher at the spot.
The painful story of pain is engulfed with cables.
Like animals, she also cultivates unbearment,
He took away the basic right!
Do not see the extent to which its role is.
The body and the body of the production!

Love cries out of any human disaster,
When the pain comes, the heart opens and says,
Man is for people
Love is for humanity

I will go through my love
Humanity, humans, Lord’s creations

Love was crying in any human tragedy.


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