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O “mother of humanity”


O “mother of humanity”

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

He is a Bengali who is the “mother of humanity” in the world market!
Sixteen million people know, but loved ones in the world.
I heard the announcement around; Good news of this!
I have heard it when it is humanity.
Mumata in the heart, Rosie kept in the mother’s eye.
Where humanity has lost, dead, pledged,
There has been “Mother of Humanity” who is the head of the greats.
Floods have arrived, disaster has arrived, Rohingya storm,
A human sculptor has developed through touch of love,
Imagine every moment that the hypocrites have made a mockery-
Rohingya people are also human beings, they have life, there is history;
Why death, why torture, why so much sigh?
Where silent! There is the breath of six billion people awake.
Our daughter is deprived of the daughter of the girl.
Her love did not think that humanity is destitute!
Large world, big helpless human world!
Rohingya lives on the back of the chest
Many of the deaths have died in front of the song of victory song.
You have shared sixteen people’s food-space!
If you look at this, you are “O mother of humanity”.
You are the great, the best of the best, the parable of humanity.
So here after today – so close to you,
I think it’s just you-we’re alive-
When you call back to humanity to expand,
So, in your Ganj city millions of Rohingya lakhs
Still fear, Rohingya will take your country?
Will the world conspiracy beside struggle to wake up?
Remember we are independent – o “mother of humanity”

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