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Not winning, not defeated – Sunil Gangopadhyay

It seemed like standing in the mountains
I have put this world under the footsteps
The reasoning of this literal truth is unconscious.
Thrilled secrecy broke into the book
Light a cloudy cloud
Calling the green to be gray
Through the horizontal edges and the pieces spread on pieces
It goes to the historic breeze
The scent of any musk does not bring forest
Something went down in the woman’s pink napkins fly away
Wild bush
Rabbit and Rhodus go silently on foot.

At that moment, there is no point in standing in this
Emperor’s helmet flows into the water of the spring
Falling seed from orange koa fell into the underworld
Polka dot two butterflies are busy with their work
The dry spines of the bobla tree have also claimed to represent the nature.
All the scenes are neutral
I do not win, I’m not defeated, I’m such a man
Keeping the earth on top of the hill, my navel
It comes from depression, tired sigh
This solitude is the moment of my apologies for apologizing

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