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Moch Chowdhury is an inevitable and uncommon name in Bengali literature. His contact spreads for more than one reason. His achievements and efforts in various fields of literature have established him as an important figure. As an industrialist poet, his position as a rational and diligent researcher of rare prasad is argued. In his feelings, feelings and greatness, he is truly honest, courageous and pure. The beauty of his poetry is so sensitive and wonderful that the reader reads the poem as soon as he reads in a dream and a mysterious world, where a poetic image of a heritage is visible to the poet. The dynamism of language and tone of tunes also makes her cryptic and complex idea pleasant. What is the use of the word, in the speech, in what format, in what way, in what parable, in what rhythm he is a meritorious poet

Mukh Chowdhury, a skilled craftsman to create poems about various issues. He is the faithful figure of the time of contemporary life, he is a tradition of tradition. Yet, in particular, he is well-versed in the romantic love poem. One of the main topics of his poetry is love and women. His poetry reached the heart of the reader in the heart of the reader. His poems are as painful, as well as bodybuilding. His language is harmonious, but the speech is perpendicular. He can frankly put together all the words of mind, you can say in the art of rhythm. While going on to win the love of love, Md Chowdhury is conscious about his mentality. Going to draw an image of love, she only searched Sundar.

Moch Chowdhury was born on October 22, 1950 in Chittagong. The banks of the Karnafuli have grown. Water pollution. In 1973, he received MA degree in Bangla Language and Literature. Ph.D. in 1978-83. D by the University of Calcutta. Dr. Shamsur Rahman: A modern poet was the caretaker of the research. Dr. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal and RabindraKabee were the research supervisor. Ashit Kumar Bandyopadhyay First published: The year 1965 Among his published works are: Neighborhood (poetry) of the Black Ice, Half of the Jales (Poetry) in the water, I am awakened to the chandramallika (poetry), the nucleus of the nineteenth century and the movement of Bangla poetry (research books) etc. Professor of Bangla Department of Chittagong University. Mukh Chowdhury is working with another professor Taslima Your happiness and sorrow

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

We look for the soul of the people,
Today, in the heart of Jagueno love is the way of heaven.

The ignorant touch is filled with frenzy, fierce character,
Do not open the songs of melody with the help of equality.

The home of tyranny on the chest, the nest of the mother land
The fire crew of the fire cremated fire at the place of fire.

As soon as they do not build anybody, the bridegroom’s necklace
The world is in love with a woman’s tears.

The heart is in the stomach, the amount of drowsiness!
Love lost, burnt humanity – who will answer?

Blood sucking hayena paw, thousands of girls lose their respect
In the face of the weapon, the sound of life is dying in the ghats.

The river did not forget the river, the happy flower chest,
The scorching zombies are awakening the identity

What is the meditation of the treasure of the treasure of the eye?
Nikhil chest in his voice in his voice!

We look for the life of the crying under the angle,
Today, people tend to pursue the way of humanity.

Be brave, who have left you, on the shoulders of horizons,
Your happiness and sorrow, the apathy of the affection of compassion.



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