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Appendix – Hassan

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Appendix – Hassan


The lonely pathway on the lone street
You and your shadow are behind the road;
Miyazal of salty rebellion
You promise void
Dark, dark around.

In the untouchable touches of the arts
My heart is dry;
Classical dance drama mayibi injuries
Falling dreams of childhood
And with date you too

The last letter you wrote
The timelessness remained incomplete
So evolution is still incomplete today
This is ‘I’.

pathway on

Sunna Shayamani – Zakir Hasan


I am in the middle of the night in the evening
Sleeping friend in my heart
Blue light blue light in the sky
You love to laugh in a friendly love lover
If the clouds are in the sky water
Any ablative Akhsal falls,
And I feel some feeling
Returning to life comes back

If you spend time alone
Understand, my section is lonely
Ichheghuri shuffle somewhere somewhere near
No one loves me Sunna
Suffering in sadness
A moment touching the depressed heart
You’re in the sky star fair
You are the eternal shadow


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