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Love what!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

When I saw you in the first hour
How many pictures of the heart of the heart.
I love you I love you
I do not think anything in the bed

When I saw you in the heart of the courtyard
I thought it was only the pooja queen honey chandramaya!
If you snatched me, you’re in a masterpiece
You touch the precipice in the corner!

Today you are not the rose rose,
Nonetheless, the unfavorable delirium to woke up.
The love trick is going on with hope,
Without me you should burn fire.

I thought you love happiness in the river,
Today, everything is free of motionless motionless.
You were in the imaginary house bedroom flower
Can not let the pool of romance river be given.

Apart from you, this heart is a big helpless,
Do you love the flock?


Today you

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

Violence has become fierce in human character;
The cruel abduction of youth is cruel!

The loved one who loves to be deep
But the animal’s application did not wake up,
In the world of that white world
The darkness of the autumn has become intensified.

It seems that there is no naked animal in the open village
Those people are now banned in a bloody gang.

Strong shore of the alien
Or the fire of flaming fire
Or the evil awakening stage
Today is not a holy day, one day,
There was no shame;
The average character in the ideals of believers;
The flag of Islam, the arcade of peace, the ever bright touch of the holy love,
Today the abolished civilization, the abolished good character, the decree of the eternal dirty Prophet,
A human being filled with shameful things;
Blood Floods, Crying Roles, Anxiety Destruction, The Nude’s Nudity
Today the awakened parasites, today’s dead civilization, today’s humiliated man’s shame,
Today you are a filthy woman, today you are an unclean person.
Come on! This beautiful world every day
There was much peace in the rule of religion
There were many holy lives,
If you were today-whore, today you are the killer
The curse of the parent losing the parents
Immaculate, animal appearance!
The stigma of this type, paradoxical analogy

The banned flames of blood clot in the forbidden romance,
Nude fountain of naked uncles!
Today you are an alien lovers and lovers.
Nirvana slaughter-killer-slaughterhouse!


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