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The kite

Kite – Jamil Ashraf

The kite that hangs on the wall,
It does not fly in the sky, then in the sky
Seeing white colored she
The kite will become pale.
Gradually, in the dust,
Once, like old age, chills
It will be destroyed and intensified;
This kite is watching,
It does not fly in the sky, then in the sky
Because, the kite that fly
He has been flying in the sky.

The kite

Rajdeep Dutta

When the dark circles,
Your grief-stricken-
Then I’m half-dead.
Throat squeezed throat
Memorial chewing gum
That crowded calmness
Remember me
Alorumo may be lost in the huge roundabout
But you remember me
When the light goes out again;
When the lazy alota-
Gray like a boobed dark pillow
“night Bird”,
Do not forget me
The day you catch your mind
Free to fly
In the white clouds,
You will remember me!
I’m going back and forth
Like a snail
Maybe it’ll be soon!
That day
You will not forget me?


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