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Kazi Nazrul Islam (May 25, 1899 – August 29, 1976), Bengali poet, musician, philosopher who is best known for his pioneering role in Bangla poetry. One of the Bengali language literary, patriotic and national poet of Bangladesh. West Bengal and Bangladesh – Both his poems and songs are equally well-liked in Bangla. Because of his rebellious attitude to his poetry, he was called a rebel poet. The main theme of his poem was the protest against human torture and slavery against the people. The importance and importance of Kazi Nazrul Islam in the Bengali mind is immense.Nazrul was always vocal against injustice and injustice as a poet, literary, musician, journalist, politician and soldier. This attitude is reflected in his poems and songs. His entry in the hands of ignorance, his expression like a comet. Such a rebellion in writing, so in life – so “rebellious poet”.
Nazrul was born in a poor Muslim family. His primary education was religious. He also worked as a muezzin in a local mosque. Having worked with various theater teams, she gained knowledge of poetry, drama and literature. After working for some time in the Indian army, he chose journalism as a profession. During this time, he used to live in Calcutta. During this time he was directly involved in the fight against the British Raj.Quotes like rebellious and broken songs; Comics like magazines. After being arrested in prison, the statement of the Rajbadi entry. The opposition of imperialism in all these literary works was obvious. He had special relations with religious Muslim society and the neglected Indian people. Love, freedom and rebellion gained prominence in his literary work. He also wrote against religious gender. Although he wrote short stories, novels, dramas, he is more commonly known as a poet. He gave birth to a new trend in Bengali poetry. This is the Islamic music and the ghazal. Nazrul composed and composed about 3000 songs, which are now known as Nazrul songs or “Nazrul Gita” and are very popular. In middle age, he was infected with Pix Disease. As a result, he had to stay away from literary work for a long time. At the same time lose mental balance. In 1972, at the invitation of the government of Bangladesh, he came to Dhaka with his family. At that time, he was given the nationality of Bangladesh. Here he died.

When you lose heaven?

- Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla - Light

O Believer, O servant, O the traveler of peace,
O rebellious! The symbol of truth and righteousness
No hope
Do you forget the address you lose?
Who wants to obey, who will tell you light?
There is heaven in piety, there is eternal freedom of believers!
Take a look, O Muttaqi, the believer,
Why so much greed arises in the heart, why so much violence?
What is so rude roar?
There is no light, no darkness, no endless loot
Stop the greed of the ground!
Why are the idiot! Take it down, Lord humble!
When you lose heaven?
No way Where its anchor?
Why are you scared on the wrong way, why the Prophet
The person who is so crying is called ummati umati.
Why do you hide it, come and go?
Who is proud of you - O civilization?
What a treat! What a trick! What a barbarity!
Inside the heart, there is a stray of error-
What a false pride!
That murder, that dosha, is she dear to you?
The dishonest character is in dark darkness
The devils are in hell forever.
The greed of greed, the stain marks of the believer!
Is he angry? She is affectionate?
Hell burns in the fire of hell.
You forget that you are in the hell of the fire
Big upset! Was a big tyrant
At the bottom
There was no rule of law in the chest, and never came!
The huge boasting, the arm was said to be the top, the weakened
The night to wake up in the heart of the ripu.-
Today, fire is an eternal home!
O Believer, O servant, O the traveler of peace,
O rebellious! The symbol of truth and righteousness
When you lose heaven?