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Joy Goswami (November 10, 1954) is a renowned Bengali poet and literary. Joy Goswami was born in Kolkata city. In his childhood, his family came to Ranaghat. Since then, his domicile has been there. His father used to do politics, in his hand, the charioteer, writing in the poem of Goswami His father died at the age of six. His mother taught him up and nursed him. Mother was the head teacher of Ranaghat Lalgopal School The poet came out of the lecture of traditional education and read 11 classes of school His first poem ceiling fan. | His first poem was published in three literary magazines – “Literature on the border”, “Step” and “Home Shikha”. In 1976, his poem was printed for the first time in the country Later, he joined the magazine as an editor

He was awarded the Ananda Puraskar for the poem “Ghumeeha Jhawpatra” in 1989, for the “Bang Electricity Admission Book” in Bangla Aadmi Award, 1997 and for the Literary Academy Award for “Pagli Tu”. Joy Goswami is one of the most popular and powerful poets of this era We do not need to speak about his poetry again His novels include “Manorama novel”, “those foxes”, “tunnel and defense” etc.

The courage of protesting against injustice and standing beside the oppressed is one of the qualities of Goswami After the Gujarat riots, we have seen Dhikka in poetryRecently (2006-2007) in the context of Land Bachao Andolan of Singur and Nandigram, the West Bengal Government and the Chief Minister directly condemned his poetry. In his poem, “Bizhacht” published in his book of 15 poems “towards the ruler”.

Prior to this, the poet has expressed his protest in different languages ​​at different timesOnce he wrote letters to his daughter’s school administrator in Bengal, they refused to accept it They say that they only accept letters written in English and they are not obliged to accept letters in Bangla In protest, the poet picked up his daughter from the low school in Kasba region of Kolkata and admitted it elsewhere. As a result of the open opposition to Kabir in the movement of singer Nandigram, he had to quit his long working days.

Christmas and winter snow cloth (1976)
Ranjiv (1978)
Aleya Lake (1981)
Mad curriculum (1986)
Bhootmavagvan (1988)
Sleeping (1989)
If you ask me today
Thunderbolt Admission Book (1995)
Oh Swapna (1996)
Pagli, with you (1994)
Leaf dress (1997)
Grief (1998)
Who got wet in the rain (1998)
Ma Nishad (1999)
Sun burns ash (1999)
Jagatbari (2000)
Poetry (1997-2001)
Ghosts and Anupam Katha (2004)
To the ruler (2007)

Novels and other

Top of Love in the Heart (1994)
Manoramat novel (1994)
Those shawlarera (1994)
Tunnel & Defense (1995)
Sunrise set (1998)
Correcting or Cutting (2001)
Fairytale (2001)