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Give me a word – Jibanananda Das


Give me a word that is like the sky
Simple, great,
Deep; – All the tired casualties are in the blood of the villagers
The heart of the dirty history is like a familiar man,
The woman who I love for a long time
That night is like the intense wind of starvation:
That day – the endless angle of light, like the Chanchal wing
That bright bird – all the thirst of the birds
Looks like glowing like a fire, like the end-of-body wax.

Marriage – Joy Goswami


But the fact is that when you stand in front of me I am
You see a wild bush inside you.
There is a corpse covered in that bush.
Have been for a long time. But the surprise is that
These bodies are water, air, sun and all kinds
Can prevent pests and seeds. It does not express.
Wild animals do not even approach it.
The light goes out of the night.
I know, the dead body is mine.
But the matter is, this must be leaked now.
And it will be, the day that tricks four legs
The legs are bitten, it’s from the bushes
I’ll drag and drop.


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