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Humayun Azad (born: April 28, 1947 (14th Boishakh, 1354 BS), Rakhal, Bikrampur; Death: 11th August, 2004, Munich, Germany) is a Bangladeshi poet, novelist, critic, linguist, teenage literary and columnist. He has 70 essays. There are her famous reputation as a prototype writer.
Personal life

Humayun Azad passed the Secondary Examination in 1962 from Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose Institutions of Rakhival, and passed the Higher Secondary examination from Dhaka College in 1964. Meritorious student Azad graduated from Dhaka University in 1967 and obtained his post-graduate degree from the same department in 1968; In both cases he became the first class. In 1976, he received PhD degree in Linguistics from Edinburgh University. His research was the subject of pronouns in Bangla. His wife Latifa Kohinoor. His two daughters Molly Azad, Smita Azad and the only son, Unique Azad. In 2004, a terrorist attack was carried out on Humayun Azad, whose responsibility was later confessed by militant terrorists of Jamiatul Mujahideen.Humayun Azad died on August 11, 2004 in Munich, Germany.
Linguist Humayun Azad

When Humayun Azad was studying Bangla at the University of the 60s, then the creative convergence of Chomsky-invented creative grammar in linguistics created a stir. Azad was the first to undertake research in Bangla language studies on the basis of the theory of Bengali language, and he studied science at the Edinburgh University and translated Bengali language into modern linguistics. Azad’s Ph.D. was named Pronominalization in Bengali (ie Bangla Nomination). It was later published in 1983 from Dhaka University in the form of English book form of the same title. After that in 1984, Azad published a Bangla book named Sentinel on Bangla Sentinel. In the same year, he published a compilation of two volumes in the title of Bangla Language, in which important linguistic writings of various linguists and writers of the last hundred years were found on various fields of Bengali language. These three books were an unprecedented event in the history of Bangla linguistics. Later, Azad wrote two short introductory texts on comparative-historical linguistics and economics. At the end of the 90’s, Azad became interested in writing a complete grammar of Bangla language and on his personal level, he was also planning a comprehensive plan to prove his evidence in his various speeches. But unfortunately he could not implement his dream.

On 7 August 2004, German poet Heinrich Hain went to Germany with a research scholarship. He was found dead on August 12 in his cell in his flat. Just five days after his departure to Germany, his death seems to be a mysterious one. Dr. After the death of Humayun Azad, he handed over all the items found in his apartment in Munich under the supervision of the German government to his family in Dhaka. Only those letters are available in three hand letters. The letter wrote three different post cards in the big daughter Moulike, the younger daughter Smitakea and the only son, the unique Azad. It is assumed that the letters of that writing were the last writing of his life. His body was brought from Germany to Dhaka by coffin and buried after the Islamic method of birthplace Rarikhal.

Miracle Architect (1973)

Burning leopard (1980)
Everything will be destroyed by the destroyer (1985)
The deep as much as the honey goes above the blue (1987)
I was alive at other times (1990)
Humayun Azad’s Best Poem (1993)
Modern Bangla Poetry (1994)
Kahfan dhare tears dhindu (1998)
Poetry Collection (1998)
There is nothing in Perono (2004)


Chappanno Thousand Sargamail (1994)
Everything Breaks (1995)
My crimes as a man (1996)
The Magician’s Death (1996)
Shukrasat, his related evangelicals (1997)
Politicians (1998)
Poet or Punished Nun (1999)
With his own life honey (2000)
The moon cut in thorn slip (2001)
Bloodstream (2002) in the rainstorm
10,000, and one more rape (2003)
A murder dream (2004)
Pak Fertilizer Sass Bad (2004)