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Poetry and Poetry There was a time when the poems would have been lost if they heard. ‘Poetry’ is considered only a part of the Bangla test in school books. To get the numbers, I used to be gobble. Sirs really could have presented the real form of poetry in front of us? I do not know.



But it did not take much time to get a real identity with poetry.The huge collection of Bangla poetry is not less than any literature of any language.
This blog has been developed with poems of poets and literary poets of Bengali literature who have enriched Bangla language with their immortal fame. The blog will be exposed to their biography very soon. Poetry can not be judged by language, so basically this blog is a Bengali poem, but besides poetry of Bangla as well as other languages ​​can be found here. And new users of this blog will also be added. Because it is not possible for us to do this work alone.

Strong truths should be given the authentic price,
O homeland, I know that again.
Do not know anyone is shaking the earth
Grabged the falsehood of falsehood,
Anyone ever before earthquake?
Bundles in hand, suddenly all awake?
Those who are so liars today,
Today their hatreds are outraged.
History, know you silent witness,
We wanted the independent country of land,
Many are adversely, ears are pressed,
What is the original fake measurement?
Rebel mind! Do not obey today,
Dev love and pub kalaseer kana,
Dev, soul is in the racket of release,
Jean Dark, Jesus, in the squadron of the Socrates.




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