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Have a test, is not his life!

Have a test, is not his life!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

As a result of the nebula flower the insects
Wonderful story turns into every house,
Who has a conscience that will win the life of the Kolis?
I have got the scent of my child,
So ruthless Pangari Kahara
Preparing the glory of the glory!
Who decides the future of the child is defying the future?
What will be the moon and sun? What is talented or brave?
Nothing will happen! Just fear and fear!
And bitter!
No penguery laughing aloud! Ray probation thief knife?
Whose favorite charioteer to stop child-reading?
There is a test in every sentence, no matter his life,
Sonamora also people, they want respect!
Pangarii now so much books, so much scrutiny of the test!
Leave the chain to fly, read the merit chain.
The dream of the nation is going to be immersed today alive
The tightening of the tie the structure of the wall!
But it’s not good to have Sonamani
Light sunrise tomorrow
Now the time has come, to get the Sonalalarake the ray standard
Bengali nation raises questions about education,


Prolonged breathless soul!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

That’s the kind of love that comes with the architect’s love and light
Who is looting the corruption in fluttering flute?

Greedy today is sitting on the seat of the Bengalis in the seat of Bengalis
Do not see the blood of the dead body of the dead body!

Sit on the seat of the rebel crushing house!
Take the name of the victim’s mouth and take fame!

In the jungle, they are dried up like a hunch,
Father’s children are afraid of being deprived of rights!

The bigger the liability which is perverted liar, the more powerful it is
Ideal justice policy throws and tells you!

The big stars of the history distortion are those who are dear to you
People in the heart of the heart of Gothia rush race!

So many false hypocrites face the nation, they are the Mahian.
The nation will not roar? Or will be insulted!

The British did not break the Pakistani injuries, he died in the song
Sonar Bangla love, love to freedom, respect for love

Today, you have understood this excuse, just stupid!
The father of the mother of the mother painted red-green images.

Knowing the generation awake the freedom struggle!
In the forefront of the hundred struggle, who saw this flower, the nation.

Do not be afraid to sleep in the dead!
Got Bengalis, the young girl wakes up the dockers.
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