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laughing loudly

About you … Shuffle – Habib Kashfi

laughing loudlyI was laughing loudly, Then … Eye glass glasses in eyes Rough hair hide And her wild smile, I thought I would write about poetry, Random Wild Poetry The blurry phagune blurred eyes Bustanti sari got involved with me In the midst of thousands of people, Ragin Boishakh’s Rathodur Tate I’ve lost you Hundreds of thousands of colors, I thought about writing a poem Random Coloring Poems Tie your fingers in the fingers I wish there was a lazy noon, You cheerbyi in my eyes Thick glasses of glasses, I thought I would write about a poem Shuffle lazy noon poems. A monsoon crosses Due to depression in the rain, In the beautiful afternoon of autumn Do the two again at the same level? The stray trash dust Finger with fingers, laughing loudly The thick glasses of glasses in the eye Hundreds of twilight hours will be on the sides. I thought I wrote a poem about dusk.


Man! – Tariquzzaman prince

Occasionally I am surprised
Sometimes I doubt,
I am man

When I see the sky,
The depressed eyes of depressed polarity
Sensuality is strong, I can understand.

Ramni Thote playing the sea waves,
Sexually heated
Can you understand, woman what do you want

The prostitute laughs with her eyes,
Realize that love is not the end of hunger,
In exchange for body company.

Meghbati’s blue acne disappears,
I understand love, love.

Touching at midnight
I can understand, the rumored body
Awakening is male.

Still doubt
I am man

The desire to survive is floating in the dark,
Dreams return to living bodies,
Dark shyness gets naked in my nude,
Trouble in the pain,
Strong doubts arise
I ………………
I am man


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