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Blood itself sucks blood

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

Fire fire, flame flame, life in the river Naf
The blood itself sucks blood, human beings show it to you ..

The world is blind as deaf and blind as deafness.
The oils that give them the power to kill.

The world’s largest blood bank is visible in the name of religion
Nayata song in the service of human beings roar!

Who is your daughter Anis, who is cute?
Red and green value to honor Parabi!

The place where you forgot your sadness;
If Paris is blown out which is an independent mark in the world

Today humanity is rotating in the house of evil chakras!
People are equal in the interest of the people.

Who is that who is better than that evil throne!
You are a lover of lover, you are confused with snowballs.

Take the life, take a hammer, kill the gunfight
No one sees, no one sees, why they hide today?

Show your heart, which is your conscience
Understand that this blood money of your sister-in-law and sister sister

People are the best, above all – why strangle tension?
On the hillside, the river has its place in the world chest.

King of the world is more dangerous than the king, more violent!
Nine religious word songs in the corner of human life

Fire fire, flame flame, life in the river Naf
Blood sheds blood itself, human beings show it to you ..

Football player – Jasim Uddin


Imdad Haque football player in our mess,
He wrote his fame with hundreds of injuries on his feet.
In the evening, you will see the ribs in your hand,
The massage is tilted in the bed with every tilt.
Messe’s servant is a broken bone to bake Labanzan,
The whole night just bursts crying crying.
We think that he is lame for six months, he is alright,
I can not see the ball in the football team, I can not see.
In the morning, I ran into the house to get the news,
After laying his bed in the bed and breaking it down.
After the table, small large masses of whistles,
To make fun of the muffled toothpaste.
I was surprised to see the playground in the evening,
Mohammad Md Imdad Haq before the ball rolled!
Dripping the ball on the right foot and pushing the right leg,
The game is played by the broken house, and we have threw it on his hands.
Run the drive before you move like a wind,
Kill Maro – throw it in the ball.
Round-goal-round, round-the-clock racket,
Betting life, betting on death, all tied, legs team
Round-goal-goal-momad’s Imdad Haque Kazi,
Broken two leg wiped the fate of his life.
The specter is going back and forth,
Imdad Haq comes to the cabin, in the mess room.
Mess’s servant is harassed Massage on foot,
Night without sleeping in the night, crying corridi.
In the morning morning, the daily Khuli Maha-joy fall,
Imdad Huq played the role of the less yesterday did not notice.


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