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Flower Cauli Today in flowering

Flower Cauli Today in flowering

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Mollah – Smriti

How many days do not flower flowers in the garden, I just see
Surge of flowers in mobile darpan
I see closed doors, open windows, digital voices
Instead of Muktakar, I see the flowers in the corner of the house!
There is no excitement in independent sampling, from the computer’s desk
The new yarn light,
But where the blossom is the dream pink rose
Now, there is a nude wave of drugstore or a scourge of drugs;
Today’s flower in the modern practice of globalization.
There is nowhere open ground, free sky, the fragrance of the air,
Only buildings, dirty dust particles and mechanical progression
Here they are prisoners, defeated soldiers in the light house;
Today, in the light of digital technology, instant knowledge of technology
Always submerged or mobile computer submerged
Koliids do not see anywhere in the dream of flowers
The entire structure of the scalp worn out in the whole body
The incessant intrinsic impatience of the slow motion is in the mind of the world.
Today the symbol of knowledge has forgotten the touch of book book!
In the closed room velcine from January to shin
Flower Cauli is surrounded with green green in Magdalaya in the garden.
Flower Cauli is a collection of breathless flowers arranged in today’s flowering
There is no social ties in the open air fresh air!
Everything is surrounded by ill-fated stalks of competition
Finally, do not blossom in the flower koli, I can see anywhere
In the development of the aroma of the aroma of air in the aroma
Just look at Flower Koli in today’s flowering
In the walled house of anti-social advancement.
Mobile hands in the nude love of the digital era all the time.


The urge to be released is a poem in vain

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

The history of corruption is the burden of the state of distortion
What do I do to hide some of them.
Who listens on the right track
Just do your own capital “Do not know what is inconvenience
People’s touch is necessary if at the end
Where will the corrupt foreign go?
Riches and greed; power and throne;
There is a fire on that stairway.
Empowered group of people; Some do not understand self-knowledge
The lick of granules goes well with oil
Nectar of drugs; Ghost on the ghost!
As many pistachio poisonous medicines.
Today’s release goes to corrupt corpses
Blood flakes, peels and peak at the top of the power.
The urge to be liberated is a poem ..
The mother of neglected deprived deprived mother.
Face to humanity, surrounded by the murder of torture
Dear- The love of the beloved- the indication of the coming back
This is cruelty! What will be the mother’s face?
There is a lover inside the boyfriend
Love cuddle lover’s blood!
The urge to be liberated is a poem ..
Today is the page of the big cruel poetry.