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Death! Death! Death!

Death! Death! Death!

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

Suddenly shook his life with shaking
Death! Death! Death!
What is it! Going to the vibrations of this body
Everything came in.
But there is no one anywhere, it is raging,
Who is calling?
Seeing on the moian called on
On the way to everlasting ..

Keeping the world behind, in the right-hand side of the house
Order of death in front!
The scene is very unstable! Big cruel mischief, not understanding life
You have to pay the price of the land.

He did not understand that, who is in this life ..
Whose words sounded.
Alas! But I did not hear the word – death! Death! Death!
I do not understand the meaning of this life.

Mitu! Death! What is death? He is eternal life ..
Instantaneous closure
The transfer of one power! By forgetting the love of nectar
The life of the flowers!

Death! Death! In the hour of death, no more
The bell continues!
Death! Death! All of the hours in the body are all dead
At this moment.
Life is ready? O the traveler? What is the release?
This is the death of Allah, the Messenger of Allah

Thunder thunders

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – The heart wanted to open the heart

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