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Are you so light

Are you so light

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

How beautiful is the education, how wise the father!
The first message of creation, he is still a source of emancipation!

The extent of the death, wondered, the blind man wakes up!
Are you so light So much knowledge? You’re so strong?

False burns on the other side – your human being is burnt down
The song of freedom has left the spark of knowledge;

Ravi Shashi of Pran said to the man in the evening,
This type is not an ignorant silly residence, it is not ordered.

True education, correct knowledge, has given the Hadith Qur’an
Education for everyone is mandatory, this is his decree!

He will destroy the mantra of Satan, and he will awaken, and he will do so
The friend of the way, people know better, no crime!

If you are the best man, then give knowledge, glory, talent
So, in the state of his ignorance!

People are not illuminated today, they are ignorant, they are ignorant!
The distinction of the evil person, the difference between the distance?

Mukti Rabey Manab meditation – Knowledge, the rules of this rule
Why do you disrespect the education today?

Seeing your face

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

O young man, youth is more like you,
You have a great hope in the dream.
Seeing the love of victory, I love you more
The sick, the body of a worn body smiles,
From the mother’s breast to juice and blood
Thousands of dreams have come alive
The work of the mother in the body of Biliyachisa
Amnesty Nirice to give a great sacrifice
Ever since you have been in the peer hour
The dream of the nation, in the morning, at noon,
The flag is the winner of the victory, O Durbar
There is no dream, Rachchisa dream story many times!
So you dreamed of seeing your face
Do not beat your voice to win all the songs.