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No reception anywhere

– Mohammad Aminul Ehsan Molla

The winner received the supremacy in the form of the hero
Give honor to the flowers in the era of era era
I chant the slogan
Travel to the airport
On the streets, the street lane is titled
I remember the best they dream of mother
Give more money to the house and how much more
Keep the life cycle
Below the Karina
But there is no Quran recited in the world today
Where is that person class organization?
That nation brings honor to the best reciter!
The crown of victory has been snatched
The Koran makes Telawat.
The boy is seen in the picture
Where is today?
Bhuban wins the best poet’s photo of light.
There is no reception or flower necklace.

You are lively

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Mollah – Smriti

Hey students, their light of knowledge,
Hey student, hey jyoti,
You are the black of the ignorant.
The book was in the hands of the pen in the hand
Throw out what the protesters say,
All the makers * Mk forgotten loudly
Which sang the victory of victory.

Dreams fly in hopes of your
I do not want anything else
By your knowledge, you read the writing!
The elderly, that just wants to see,
You have given light, keeping the right path.
False ignorant
You are lively, light of knowledge at the sight.

Do not look towards extremism or anyone else
They’re calling you to get out
The waves of the wrong way around.
Dying in the fire of the drug addiction
You have to put it in the frame
Freshly dead body in the frozen way!
Whoever delivers his own way of falsehood
Income light, income ray knowledge development

I do not want to see you, I’m gonna tell you
I want you to know that light, when you see the light
Hassab is the mother-in-law, the world is on the horizon.
They will wake up in their conflict, laugh loudly
Your destruction is the dream of the mother, the fire of burning flames.
You’re lively, income returns and dream income disappears.