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A letter

A letter

– Md. Aminul Ehsan Molla – Light

Many people are not good on the basis of many
Took away from him and grabbed from him
Drying many water of the eyes.
When the sorrow of sadness cries, the heart opens
Shame the screen of the screen, open the screen
How much power burns the line is filled up.

Without the help of many, many.
Pocket filled with respect to the above
If you bow down to the chair in the upper chair of power.
In the forest of deep forests, giving protection to the wicked
If the dress breaks the state law.

Without a lot of deprivation many others
Blood is taken from the blood and blood is taken from the life
Rape of women in the case of ransom racket
If you have tears in your eyes, then your mind
If the presiding victim gives blood to the victim.

A lot of people without a heart.
From the throne on the horizon fears
In the rebel group embraces the touch of the romance
Hanging the dream of the young man is hanging
If you take the taste of defeat in the independent chest.

Many people have broken the law, many.
Just did not give justice, you only weak
On the back of the pitch is uninterrupted.

A letter to satisfy the Zoo Book
The lofty lap of the high throne
Got it, open it …
Want good governance, human rights?
Will you give me