The kite

Kite – Jamil Ashraf The kite that hangs on the wall, It does not fly in the sky, then in the sky Seeing white colored she The kite will become pale. Gradually, in the dust, Once, like old age, chills It will be destroyed and intensified; This kite is watching, It does not fly in […]

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July 30, 2012

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Al Mahmood

Al Mahmood Al Mahmud was born in 1936 in the village of Morail of Brahmanbaria district. His real name is Mir Abdus Shukur al-Mahmud. He was one of the leading poets of Bangladesh. He was the first person to make a list of popular poets. Later, Kala Kals (1966), Sonali Kabin (1966), Maayavi Parida Dulay […]

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Nirmalendu Quality

Nirmalendu Quality Nirmalendu quality was born June 21, 1945 (Ashra 7, 1352 BGB) in Kashuban, Barhataha, Netrokona. One of the important poets of Bangladesh and Bangla languages. He is one of the most popular poets in Bangladesh. Before independence, he was active in socialist politics. He was also involved in journalism. He is mainly a […]

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